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Frolicon is only 17 days away
Thursday-Sunday, April 9-12, 2009

What is Frolicon you ask? We are an adult, over 21 only, sci-fi/kink/fantasy/gaming/party convention held in Atlanta, GA every Easter weekend. We offer classes in new-age idealism, kink/lifestyle oriented classes, bands, burlesque shows, performances, live action games, DJ’s, a digital scavenger hunt, a gaming room and parties. Lots of parties. If you don’t have your tickets yet, we are giving you a few more days to register on line. Just visit and register for the low price of $50.00. After March 27, on line registration will close and you can only get your ticket to the con of the year at the door. And the price goes up to $65.00 for the weekend. What do you get for that low price? More than you can ever imagine. Look at some of the exciting things going on beneath the cut.

Kink Track:

Over 50 Kink classes are being offered this year. Here are a few of the classes you can see. For a more detailed listing and description of classes, please check the website.

Running with Staplers - Sharrin Spector
Come learn how to combine two of my favorite things - blood sports and impact. From the novice to the advanced, we'll demo and discuss how these two seemingly unrelated forms of play merge into a hot scene.

The Art of Branding - Sharrin Spector
Or as most commonly called, The Kiss of Fire. This course will discuss some major aspects of branding including differences in skin, basic anatomy, and healing. Also included will be a primer on various branding techniques with pro's and con's.

Figging, What You Can Do With A Hand Of Ginger, A Sharp Paring Knife And A Securely Tied Sub ? - Foxy
"Figging" is the sadly under appreciated art of using ginger root which has the ability to cause incredible sexual desires..

Couples Genital Shaving by Russ:
During this “Hands-On Class” Russ will demonstrate the use of straight and safety razor hair removal, manipulation, massage, and aftercare!

Topsy-Turvey Tea Party - Zoe Meira
This your official invitation to the Topsy-Turvy Tea Party! Zoe and a few naughty little girls and boys have taken over the Mad Hatters table, and while the Hatter is away the children will play!

Sadistic Suspension - Tat/Joi
Attendees should consider themselves ADVANCED in the knowledge of rope Suspensions in order to utilize this class. The intent of Sadistic suspension is PAIN, making it hurt, taunt, tease to the point of tears. ( Demo)

What's a Furry? - TigerPaw and Tiger Nick
This panel will focus on the overview of the furry fandom in large. Come see what we're really about, versus what the media depicts us as.

Stuff Yer Hole - Lolita Wolf
This fulfilling class will cover dildos and butt plugs. We’ll discuss and demo technique, types, size, safety and what to do if things go wrong

Cuttings: Carving with Meaning – Catherine Gross
This class teaches how to cut, where to cut, using different types of scalpels, scarifications/permanency techniques.

Think Track:

Here are just a few of the classes being offered in the Think Track:

Play On Con Presents--Party: Impossible!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: prepare and host a successful room party, with doors opening by 10PM. No planning ahead of time! Simply show up in the afternoon with whatever costumes, skills, and/or supplies you think would be good for a room party, throw them into the pile with everyone else's, and we'll white board out everything we have together. Then we'll put to work every person and thing available to complete the mission that night!

"Polyamory - They Whys and Hows" with Amanda Wolfe and Scarlett Ross
Polyamory lifestyles are gaining more and more attention, both in the media and now in the world of academia. This class will begin with lecture and progress to a guided discussion, with time for Q&A throughout.

Poly Speed Dating:
The ultimate in Poly hook up! This session is for couples seeking other couples or singles.

Kinky Speed Dating:
Hook up! (And you can use real hooks if both parties are interested) This session is for Dominates seeking submissives.

"Doctor Who and Torchwood: Kissing, Flirting, and Hypersexuality on the BBC"
The Executive Producer Russell T. Davies, who brought Doctor Who to a whole new generation of fans, is passing the reins this year, and fans are left wondering where can these characters go from here.

Frolicon Casting Couch:
Matt and Kevin will be holding auditions for their upcoming film, HUNTING GROUNDS. These are all improvisational scenes with ridiculous plot lines, so have a blast. The best auditions will be posted on YouTube for viewing.

Screenwriting Basics:
Matt and Kevin will help those that are interested in Screenwriting work through the basics. In this class you will learn how to get started with your script and also what to do with it once you are finished.

And so much more. Scrapbooking for Goths, Make your own Pasties, Kinky Stitch & Bitch, Hands on Beading, Writing Panels, Slash, Hentai, Costuming Classes, Creating the perfect body for Drag. The list goes on and on. Please check the website for full descriptions and schedules.

Main Programming:

We have some old favorites and some new programs we hope you will love as much as we love the idea.


HypnoDave: Come see Dave hypnotise a few of the Frolicon folks and watch as he has them perform…well perform.

Frolicon's Pants off, Dance off:
Come dance your pants off and compete against the best stripper talent Frolicon has to offer.

Most Spankable Ass Competition: Evil Mike will once again be hosting Frolicon's finest showcase of delicious derrière!

Air Sex: Last year you came, you saw, you laughed your butts off! This year Air Sex is back and YOU can help! Just sign up to thrust, wiggle, grind, writhe and hump you're way to sexy hilarity!

Swing Dance lessons and Dance are back, Project Runway: Frolicon Addition, Effie’s Club Follies, Big Mama’s Burlesque, Burpin Babes, Live Action Candyland & Wiz-War, Sadistic City Side Show and so much more.

And Some New Additions:

HvZ(Humans Vs. Zombies) :Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a game of moderated tag that has reached astounding popularity on college campuses and we’re bringing it to Frolicon! A group of human players attempts to survive a “zombie outbreak” by outsmarting a growing group of zombie players.

Rockband Tournament: Yep, the newest craze is coming to Frolicon.

Make a Frolicon Pimp Cup: Last year was the introduction to a new Frolicon tradition! The Pimp Cup of Judging! We’re asking our creative and unique attendees to help us make this year’s batch of Pimp Cups. What better way to get the weekend started but with some hot glue, paint and bedazzled goodness!

The Emotron: The Emotron = Vulgar One Member Synth Punk From Atlanta/Philly Area. Last Year He lit his dick on fire from Philly to Alaska to where he worked at a Fish Cannery for a month and toured back to Philly.

Wii Cheer: Save the Cheerleader, Save the Con!? OK, maybe not. How about Bring It On, Frolicon Style? Break out those pompoms and dust off your spirit stick. It’s a Frolicon Pep Rally!

Worst of the 80s Dance Party: Retro Dance - Wear the worst outfits from the 70's and 80's while we play the best of those decades so you can dance the night away!

Frolicon’s 1st Annual Costume Contest: There will be some kooky categories and prizes to liven up this old con tradition.

Steam Punk Fashion Show and Dance:

Spirit of Frolicon: Not quite a beauty contest, not quite a talent competition. The Spirit of Frolicon is our search for the person that best embodies all that Frolicon is and can be.

Betty Page Look-a-Like: Celebration the life and lifestyle of that beautiful goddess of pin-up. Trim up those blunt-cut bangs and pick your favorite Betty image and we’ll choose the lovely lady that best embodies the look and attitude of Ms. Page.

Check out the website for full descriptions and schedule.

So join us for what should be a fabulous weekend.
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