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Frolicon Update

Frolicon Update:
Hi everyone. Here is an update on Frolicon as well as where we will be over the next few weeks. Since we will definitely have bootblacking, i thought this community might be interested.
Frolicon Volunteer Director

Have you registered for Frolicon yet? Don’t let another week go by without registering or you might miss out on a weekend of kinky and non-kinky fun. In case you’ve forgotten, Frolicon ( is an adult oriented (21+) science fiction convention held every year over Easter Weekend (April 9-12, 2009) in Atlanta, GA. The current price is 50.00 for 4 days worth of programming. Now that’s a bargain. So register now before the price goes up.


We’ve made it easier than ever for you to register with PayPal processing and non PayPal credit card processing. The earlier you register, the more money you’ll have later to have fun or spend in the vendor area.

With over 1200 attendees in 2008, we were bulging at the seams, so we had to upgrade our space. This year we’ll be at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta out by the airport, and we have nearly twice the programming space. So you know what that means…over 50 kink track classes, over 40 think track classes and workshops, bigger vendor area, more night time programming in bigger spaces, more gaming, more fun, more parties, more prizes, more costumes, just more EVERYTHING.

Each Track Director is hard at work booking presenters and setting up shows, games, presentations and bands. The game room is set and our Gaming room director is already thinking up new and naughty games to play as well as the oldies but goodies. We are finding and talking with new artists for the art show as well as working on getting our vendor spaces sorted out. Party themes are being planned and the Dungeon will be back and better than ever.


Frolicon is a blending of artists, writers, intellectuals, leatherfolk, kinky boys and girls, fetishists of most any type, cosplayers, gamers, roleplayers, swingers, and party people who come together to form a singular convention going experience. We do what no other convention can do…we bring fandom, geekdom and kinkdom together under one roof mixing all of these interests into one BIG celebration.

So if you haven’t made your Hotel reservations or registered for the con yet, go to the website and get in on the fun. This is one event you WILL NOT want to miss in 2009.


Also, look for us at the following locations in the next few weeks.


Sept. 26-28 2008, Fetish Fair Flea market, Charlotte, NC



Oct. 18, 2008, The Mark in Nashville Tenn.



We will also be attending some of the local groups in North and South Carolina over the next couple of months. Please let us know if you would like a representative to come and talk to your group about the convention.



In November we will be having our Fall staff and volunteer meeting. Watch for the dates and times to be announced.


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